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    Since April 2018, Impact Art News has selected, questioned and supported artists, exhibitions and projects related to ecology and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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    Written by: Alice Audouin, Pauline Lisowski, Faustine Dehan, Philippe Osset
    Publisher: Art of Change 21, since January 2020
    Former editor, from April 2018 to December 2019: Alice Audouin Consulting
    Thank you to those who contributed to the letter Marie Leprêtre (September – December 2020), Lisa Toubas (January 2019 – June 2020), Marguerite Courtel (April – December 2018).

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    The forest, branching out as an exhibition theme

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    The forest is now emerging as an exhibition theme in its own right in the field of contemporary art, and is no longer just in natural history museums. Last year, the Fondation Cartier in Paris [...]

    Which wood certification to trust: PEFC or FSC?

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    FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program of the Endorsement of Forest Certification) are the two main wood certifiers. They address forest management, the traceability of wood processing, and the social dimension of workers. According [...]

    Brazil: the forest at the crossroads of art and struggle

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    The Brazilian government is muzzling the fight against illegal logging, intensive farming and illegal mining in the country, destroying the Amazon forest while its inhabitants are already struggling against the pressures of global warming. The [...]

    Special Art & Forests: portrait of Sara Favriau

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    Sara Favriau, born in 1983, shifts scales, symbols and objects - often with humor - bringing out the meaning of fortuitous, sometimes accidental encounters. If trees occupy an important place in this game of chance, [...]

    Special Art & Forests: portrait of Fabrice Hyber

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    The forest occupies a major place in the work and life of contemporary artist Fabrice Hyber, born in 1961. When he started planting a forest thirty years ago on land he bought with his first [...]

    Special Art & Forets: portrait of Vincent Laval

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    "The forest is what drives me, amazes me, makes me doubt, makes me want to fight, to create and to see tomorrow. I am learning to accept that I will only be part of it [...]

    In conversation with the artist Michael Wang

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    Art of Change 21 - How did you start to deal with environmental issues in your work? I have always been drawn to the natural world. My father is a geophysicist, and some of my [...]

    “Learning from Ice”, by Susan Schuppli

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    Since 2016, the UK-based researcher and artist Susan Schuppli has been dedicated to an ongoing, multi-year research project entitled “Learning from Ice”, which explores the politics of cold and focuses on the Cryosphere. Throughout this [...]

    In France, a new biotope in contemporary art

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    In this period disrupted for months by a sanitary crises that forces us to rethink our lifestyles, the current exhibitions in French galleries and art centers unveils a new generation of artists, attached to nature [...]

    Contemporary art and Green IT

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    At a time of digital transformation of the art sector, both via virtual exhibitions, digital art, mobile applications and eCommerce platforms, questions about its environmental impact are being raised more now than ever. Because the [...]

    21 good news in 2021

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    Let’s start the year 2021 with 21 items of good news and let us voluntarily place ourselves under the sign of optimism, according to a famous quote by Antonio Gramsci: "We must combine the pessimism [...]

    Taiwan Biennial, “Subzoology”

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    From the 17th of October 2020 until the 28th of February 2021, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is presenting its seventh edition of the contemporary art biennial, curated by the artist Jui-Chung Yao [...]