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    Written by: Alice Audouin, Pauline Lisowski, Faustine Dehan, Philippe Osset
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    Former editor, from April 2018 to December 2019: Alice Audouin Consulting
    Thank you to those who contributed to the letter Marie Leprêtre (September – December 2020), Lisa Toubas (January 2019 – June 2020), Marguerite Courtel (April – December 2018).

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    Taiwan Biennial, “Subzoology”

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    From the 17th of October 2020 until the 28th of February 2021, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is presenting its seventh edition of the contemporary art biennial, curated by the artist Jui-Chung Yao [...]

    In conversation with the artists duo Bigert & Bergström

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    Art of change 21 - Your work has dealt with ecological issues since the 90s. How did that begin? Bigert & Bergström - We met when we were students at the Royal Institute of Art [...]

    “Archiving Eden” by Dornith Doherty

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    For twelve years the American artist Dornith Doherty has been leading a project on the preservation and conservation of plant seeds: “Archiving Eden”. Doherty explores "seed banks" also known as "grain libraries" dedicated to conserving, [...]

    Museums and climate: the British way

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    We must once again confess; the UK’s cultural sector has made a head start on sustainability. After galleries (see the article on the carbon footprint of galleries in our last Impact Arts News issue), it’s [...]

    The environment becomes the cynosure for the international art scene

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    While the artistic activity of Autumn 2020 has been hampered, shaken up and weakened by the resurgence of the pandemic, contemporary art exhibitions on ecological issues are in rude health! Having explored a number of [...]

    In conversation with the artist Lin May Saeed

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    Art of Change 21 - How are you feeling and coping with the Coronavirus crisis? Lin May Saeed - I'm okay, but I think about it a lot. The feelings of powerlessness that go hand [...]

    “Productive Landscapes”, by Nicolas Floc’h

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    Nicolas Floc'h travels the seas to index underwater landscapes. For this long-term project, called "Productive Landscapes", the artist has become an experienced navigator, professional diver, an expert in oceanography and much more. Since 2015, Floc'h has [...]

    Anglo-Saxons taking the lead on the carbon footprint of art galleries

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    While many museums have taken the lead in their sustainable development policies but have been slow in sharing their best practices, contemporary art galleries have taken advantage of collective emulation and shared their discoveries and [...]

    Bandjoun Station, by Barthélémy Toguo

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    Bandjoun Station, a long-term artistic, agricultural and political project, was initiated in 2005 in Bandjoun, Cameroon, by the contemporary artist Barthélémy Toguo. His mission? To develop education and access to art; promote organic farming and [...]

    The Autumn artistic season is green

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    From Paris to Marseille, the arts return after the summer break under the sign of the Anthropocene, like a mirror image of COVID-19, a symptom of an annexed wild world, heat waves, droughts and fires [...]

    What is eco-design?

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    Eco-design derives from life cycle analysis, which appeared in the 1970s. It is officially defined as: ‘integrating environmental characteristics into product design to improve its environmental performance throughout its life cycle’ (2009 European eco-design directive). [...]

    In conversation with the artist Manish Nai

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    Art of Change 21 - How did you start using recycled materials in your work? Manish Nai - Collecting old stuff is my hobby and obsession. In my daily life I am overwhelmed by it! [...]