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    Publication Manager and Editor in chief: Alice Audouin. Texts: Alice Audouin, Lisa Toubas, Marguerite Courtel (April-December 2018). Editor: Impact Art News (free transfer from Alice Audouin Consulting in 2019, without change of the editorial team).

    Contemporary archeology according to Rayyane Tabet

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    Through a set of sculptures, found objects, and installations, the Lebanese artist Rayyane Tabet unveils his first major solo exhibition in the U.K. Showing at the Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art, this selection of eight works on [...]

    “Destruction / Reconstruction”, by Tadashi Kawamata

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    Showing in London at Annely Juda Fine Art until 20 December 20, the exhibition Destruction / Reconstruction unveils to the public the latest creations by the Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata, made from recycled wood and a cross between art and [...]

    Lubumbashi Biennial: in support of a changing world

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    This 6th edition of the Lubumbashi Biennial in the Democratic Republic of Congo, now drawing to a close, demonstrates its commitment to a changing and responsible world without walls. With Future genealogies, stories from the equator, the Biennial investigates both [...]

    “Deep sea minding” by Superflex

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    The Deep Sea Minding project, by the artist collective Superflex, merges scientific and artistic research to understand the marine world and anticipate how it might evolve in this age of global warming. Having first explored the waters of [...]

    Interview of the artist Agnieszka Kurant

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    Art of Change 21 - What’s new with you? Agnieska Kurant - This month I was awarded the Frontier Art Prize – an annual $100,000 award established in 2017 by the World Frontiers Forum and the [...]

    No country for canine, by Wu Chuan-Lun

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    At Taipei Fine Arts Museums, Wu Chuan-Lun's No Country for Canine exhibition is entirely dedicated to German Shepherds – a dog breed doubly present in Taiwanese and German history, the artist’s two geographic touchpointst. The German Shepherd, introduced to [...]

    “The Posthuman City. Climates, Habitats, Environments: how to associate post-human with urbanism

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    An anti-speciest wind is blowing in Singapore with The Posthuman City: Climates, Habitats, Environments. This exhibition  invites visitors to imagine conditions for living, resource sharing and coexisting between species, at a time when over half the human population lives in [...]

    Michael Wang: for a rehabilitation of the wilderness

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    From 19 September 19 to 31 October 2019, the Swiss Institute in New York, in partnership with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, is presenting the first personal exhibition in an institution of the artist Michael Wang, himself a [...]

    Trees, from object to subject

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    The title of the exhibition Trees says it all (Nous les Arbres): trees are a subject not an object, living beings capable of communicating, adapting, and worthy of love. Adopting an eclectic approach, the Cartier Foundation brings together [...]

    Otobong Nkanga, Landversation

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    Organising conversations about relationships with the land around a table that gathers objects created during the talking – the artist Otobong Nkanga came up with this bright idea for the 2014 São Paulo Art Biennial, which has [...]

    Interview of the artist Lionel Sabatté

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    Art of Change 21 - How did your relationship with the environment build up? Lionel Sabatté - It started with my desire to represent the structure of society. The subway dust I used at the [...]

    Worlds’ explorations with Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Tomás Saraceno

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    "More than humans", showing from 25 September to 1 December 2019 at Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, entrusts the discovery of an exo- and eco-centered world to a mighty duo composed of Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Tomás Saraceno. In this exhibition, [...]