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    Publication Manager and Editor in chief: Alice Audouin. Texts: Alice Audouin, Lisa Toubas, Marguerite Courtel (April-December 2018). Editor: Impact Art News (free transfer from Alice Audouin Consulting in 2019, without change of the editorial team).

    Manish Nai, “A History of Gestures”

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    Manish Nai is a leading figure in Indian contemporary art. A fan of upcycling, he seizes upon used clothing, newspapers, and other everyday consumer goods in major Indian cities to shed light on their social, demographic, environmental, and economic narratives. Presented [...]

    “Back to the sources”, artificial intelligence and nature

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    The sound installation "Retour aux sources" by Mouawad Laurier, a duet composed by Maya Mouawad and Cyril Laurier, has been showing since 18 September and will continue for the next ten years at Maison Ruinart in [...]

    One SDG, one artist: Ren Ri

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    The Chinese contemporary artist Ren Ri bases his work on research. One living material in particular – bees – has captured his attention for some years now.  Bees use wax for various construction tasks in [...]

    Interview of the artist Minerva Cuevas

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    Art of Change 21 - What is the purpose of your first solo exhibition ‘Disidencia’, which just opened at the Mishkin Gallery, at Baruch College in New York?   Minerva Cuevas - The show presents [...]

    Multipurpose materials

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    In November 2018, Dubai inaugurated the Jameel Arts Center, one of its first contemporary art institutions. Since then, this centre has regularly hosted projects and exhibitions. Yet Second Hand is the first group exhibition. It seeks to [...]

    Istanbulites out to conquer the ‘Seventh Continent’

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    Is it possible to extract from the ‘Seventh Continent’, this cluster of floating plastic waste covering almost 3.4 million square kilometres in the North Pacific, fertile territory for contemporary creation? This is the challenge taken [...]

    Eco-Visionaries take up residence in London

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    Backed since 2018 by Lisbon’s Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, the project Eco-Visionaries: Art and Architecture after the Anthropocene continues its journey from Portugal to Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and finally England through collaboration with [...]

    Interview with the artist Serge Attukwei Clottey

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    Art of Change 21 - What brought you to work on plastic pollution and environmental issues? Serge Attukwei Clottey - I grew up in Labadi, Accra, next to a lagoon separating my hometown from the [...]