Project Description

Archana Prasad – Artist – India

Le Conclave 2017


Archana Prasad, is an artist from Bangalore, India. Her work is a particular conjunction of visual art, technology and urban community art, steeped in design and research methodologies.

Archana has been actively engaged with community art practices for the last decade. She is the Founder-Director of Jaaga, a community based urban art, tech and activism project. Starting as early as 2004 with ‘‘Standing On Fish’’ a small project that engages the public with street art to in the context of the Bangalore City Project, a project that aims to explore ways by which people can connect with the city through cultural practices.

Apart from her formal studio work in drawing, animation and painting, she explores the world of art through multiple lenses. Previously, she has collaborated with Bangalore’s early experimental bands –Lounge Piranha and Bobbleheads- as lights and video performance artist. She has performed at more than 50 events and has toured across several Indian cities with these bands. Additionally she initiated an experimental docu-performative sound and video public intervention project – CitySignals.