Project Description

Vincent JF Huang – Artist – Taiwan

Le Conclave 2017

Vincent JF Huang is an eco-artist and activist who combines art practice with environmental issues, aiming to raise awareness on climate change while simultaneously inviting the public to rethink modern civilization and sustainability.

Huang has focused his art and activism on a single question: “When extreme weather rages around the world, how can art take a stand, and furthermore, play a role in social reform?” Huang creates art that act as a catalyst capable of turning the experience of global warming into personal and public action, all the whilst creating transcendent aesthetic events that awaken passion for global ecology.

Starting in 2010, Vincent has been working with Tuvalu, a small island nation in South Paci c that is facing the risk of becoming uninhabitable due to rising sea levels. Vincent has represented Tuvalu as an of cial delegate at the UNFCCC since 2012. Vincent represented the Tuvalu Pavilion at the 55th & 56th la Biennale di Venezia.

In 2013, in acknowledgment of his sustained art activism in support of global environmental issues, he was awarded the Presidential Cultural Award in Taiwan.