Kaki Tree Project, by Tatsuo Miyajima

From the only persimmon that survived the atomic bomb attack that devastated Nagasaki in 1945, the arborist Masayuki Ebinuma collected seeds in order to plant them. He also distributed several young shoots, as symbols of peace, to children who visited the city.  In 1995, the artist Tatsuo Miyajima presented several young trees from these plantations as part of an [...]

One SDG, one project|

Interview of the artist Thijs Biersteker

Art of Change 21 – What’s new with you? Thijs Biersteker – Right now, there’s so much going on! I’ve just finished two group shows – Nous les arbres (Trees) at Fondation Cartier, where my outdoor digital installation revealed how trees react to the environment thanks to a series of sensors – and – Continuous Refle(a)ction in Beijing, [...]


A new kind of weather forecast

What will the weather be like tomorrow? This is the question answered by a new kind of weather forecast imagined by four artists: Janne Nabb & Maria Teeri (Finland), Ane Graff (Norway), and Ingela Ihrman (Sweden). Weather Report – Forecasting Future, the remarkable exhibition in the Nordic Pavilion during the last Venice Biennale, will show in Kiasma, [...]


“Conversing with Leaves”, by Uriel Orlow

By making trees and plants witnesses of the great moments in the history of humanity, Uriel Orlow invites visitors to consider them as both narrators and protagonists of the events that mark our lives. Colonialism, apartheid, migration flows... our plant friends have always been caught in the crossfire of our power struggles, be they political, economic, or [...]


Paris, the new capital of art and ecology?

With Le vent se lève (The wind gets up), the MAC-VAL museum will highlight those of its acquisitions that question the relations between humanity and Mother Earth. Fondation EDF will also open Courants verts, Créer pour l’environnement (Green currents, creating for the environment), featuring works by committed artists in the face of the Anthropocene epoch, an essential notion for art [...]