With Le vent se lève (The wind gets up), the MAC-VAL museum will highlight those of its acquisitions that question the relations between humanity and Mother Earth. Fondation EDF will also open Courants verts, Créer pour l’environnement (Green currents, creating for the environment), featuring works by committed artists in the face of the Anthropocene epoch, an essential notion for art historian and the exhibition curator Paul Ardenne. This dynamic kicks off at the end of January, at Fondation Cartier, which, following Trees, has extended its engagement with a monographic show, La Lutte Yanomami (The Yanomami Struggle) by the Brazilian photographer Claudia Andujar, dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazon.

Photo © Claudia Andujar

7 March – 15 January 2021, Mac Val
17 March – 19 July 2020, Fondation EDF
30 January – 10 May 2020, Fondation Cartier

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