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Anthropocene composters

The current confrontation of two opposing temporalities, that of humans, linear, and that of Gaia, circular, poses unprecedented arbitrations in the history of humanity. In this unequal game, the "Western way of life" continues to progress despite planetary limits already having been reached: depletion of certain resources, global warming, decline in biodiversity... A new wave [...]


Anthropologists of the Common Good

Placing the environmental question on a human level is a priority for the new generation of committed French artists. At a time when social and environmental issues, long separated, are finally engaged in dialogue and share a common destiny, a new perspective is emerging, bringing lived experience, feeling, memory and psyche to the fore. Through [...]


Scientific auxiliaries

Like scientists, young artists probe the extremes of the scales of time and space, with an environmental awareness and sense of belonging to the living encouraging more intimate and symbolic relationships. Geology, biology, physics, scientific knowledge and tools are used in a new, less anthropocene narrative that challenges the place of humans and empowers the [...]


New druids

A new movement of young artists engaged in the environment is bringing a new use of materials in art, not hesitating to prefer them alive or useful for the living (e.g. composable). Inventing new rituals, they are creating a new ecological paganism, where eating, planting or walking offers humans a more just, spiritual, joyful, and [...]


In France, a new generation of environmentally engaged artists

Impact Art News offers a special issue on young artists involved in the environment, living in France. It celebrates an emerging wave of hundreds of artists, bearers of new relationships and visions of art, life, and living together. Our editorial team at Art of Change 21 took the opportunity to share a unique point of [...]


In Italy, the wild Renaissance

In Italy, since mid-May, a new renaissance has emerged, where artists and architects are drawing new perspectives and inventing new possibilities in response to the ecological crisis. Far from seeking a new measurement of man, they seek another relationship, especially with non-humans. A "wild renaissance" as the researcher and art theorist Guillaume Logé describes it, [...]


Attempts to replace an anthropocentric culture

Urgency to preserve our common goods, a critical look at history and its heritage, futuristic scenarios integrating all living things; the international artistic community opens as many doors as  necessary to find a new way of inhabiting the earth, and sharing its equitably between humans and non-humans. The routes of this cultural change stretch from [...]


Dolomiti Contemporanee by Gianluca D’Inca Levis

Founded in 2011 by Gianluca D'incà Levis, the living art laboratory of the Dolomiti Contemporanee landscape - located in the Dolomites region in Veneto - aims to regenerate the heritage of the Italian mountains. This organization develops a program combining art, culture and research, as well as cultural resilience. Its projects focus on healing natural [...]

One SDG, one project|

In conversation with the artist Tiphaine Calmettes

When did ecology first come into your work? At the School of Fine Arts in Bourges, I worked on brutalist, post-industrial architecture; then I made a study trip to Mongolia which connected me to the landscape and the natural elements - it was then that I realised I’d missed my rendezvous with the landscape up [...]


Put an end to waste in culture

Ki Culture, based in the Netherlands, is an exciting new player identifying the link between culture and sustainability. Under the impetus of its founder Caitlin Southwick, whom we interviewed (on our IGTV), Ki Culture is determined to instigate change in the cultural sector, especially museums and heritage, seeing the potential to create significant movement in [...]