Los Almendros De Ibiza by Sophie Stinglhamber

Los Almendros De Ibiza is a project on the repercussions of the ecological crisis on the island of Ibiza, and its almond trees in particular. On Ibiza, almond trees are dying – ebecause of are extremely old, of global warming, but above all indifference, but also from global warming, and above all from indifference. This project [...]

One SDG, one project|

Interview of the artist Suzanne Husky

Art of Change 21 - What’s new with you?   Suzanne Husky - There’s plenty! I’m going to work with Beaux-Arts de Montpellier art school and study for a Master’s in food and biodiversity, focusing on permaculture and ecofeminism. I’m taking action locally through an agricultural programme, standing for the next municipal elections, in my village [...]


Towards a new era with Tomás Saraceno

Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno, whose research in response to the ecological crisis regularly shakes up the art world, needs no introduction. Exhibiting in Italy at Palazzo Strozzi since 22 February, as part of his solo exhibition Aria, Saraceno places Man no longer at the centre of the world but as part of a universe where each component interacts in [...]


‘Cruelty Free’ art

Showing at the Clark Art Institute from 27 June to 12 October  2020, this is the first solo exhibition of Lin May Saeed’s work in the US.s Animal rights, a theme central to the ouput of this German artist with Iraqi origins, will be approached both softly and vigorously, through sculptures in the style of Mesopotamian bas-reliefs, and with scenes [...]


Humans – non-humans: for a new story

Conceiving and experiencing emotion, intelligence, and subjectivity beyond the human sphere is vital for building a new culture that no longer objectifies nature. The international exhibition Feel nature from the inside at the Moderna Museet in Malmö, Sweden, is thus rethinking the natural world, supported by an interdisciplinary programme of conferences, seminars, and performances. Among the artists exhibiting: Ursula [...]