Los Almendros De Ibiza is a project on the repercussions of the ecological crisis on the island of Ibiza, and its almond trees in particular. On Ibiza, almond trees are dying – ebecause of are extremely old, of global warming, but above all indifference, but also from global warming, and above all from indifference. This project received aid from Sotheby’s house, whose auction sale raised funds directly donated to Ibiza’s almond groves. Los Almendros De Ibiza echoing the work of its protagonist, the Belgian artist Sophie Stinglhamber, founder of Sustainable Art, who also carries out many actions in his home country to reconnect the urban to trees. An apparently local environmental problem that reflects the situation of our entire planet. Planet jet set be warned: the most famous dance floor this summer will be in the shade of the almond tree!

“Pájaro”, port d’Ibiza, 2017 ©Sustainable Art asbl 2017, All rights reserved to Los Almendros de Ibiza

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