Biocenosis21 exhibition at the World Conservation Congress of IUCN

Biocenosis21 is an international exhibition of contemporary art on the theme of biodiversity, organized by Art of Change 21 within the IUCN World Conservation Congress and at La Traverse, next September in Marseille. Curated by Alice Audouin, founder of Art of Change 21, it brings together Marie-Sarah Adenis, Art Orienté Objet, Thijs Biersteker, Julian Charrière, [...]


In France, the summer season is focusing on the environment

This summer in France, ecology is proving to be significant in exhibitions, artistic programs outside of museum walls, as well as in heritage and the countryside. The artists respond to the thoughts of philosophers working on care and new ways of living with non-humans, as well as the accelerating climate crisis. From Le Havre to [...]


In conversation with the artist Tamara Haddad

When did the environment first become a theme in your work? Living in Beirut, I started to smell pollution in the 2000s on the way to Fine Arts school every day. I felt that the air was very polluted and it was entering my lungs. We also had a big waste crisis a few years [...]