In conversation with the artist Julian Charrière

How did environmental issues appear in your work? Was there a light-bulb moment, an influence? There was no light-bulb moment. It happened very naturally. Very early on, I became interested in our relationship to space, to the world that passes through us and that we pass through. Working in the field, in the landscape, with [...]


Biocenosis21: success at the IUCN Congress

From September 3 to 11, the Art of Change 21 association (publisher of Impact Art News) presented Biocenosis21 , a contemporary art exhibition on the theme of biodiversity, at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. After Korea and the United States, it was France's turn to host this quadrennial congress in Marseille, which brings together thousands [...]


An artistic fall season that reveals an increased interest in ecological issues

Environmental themes are increasingly present in the artistic field, both in the context of biennial e s and of group and solo shows. Might the greater dynamism of Berlin, Copenhagen, Montreal or Moscow on these topics be explained by their geographical position , since global warming is more advanced and more visible in the Northern [...]