Project Description

Charles-Adrien Louis

Charles-Adrien Louis, youth engaged for climate and entrepreneur – France

Member of Le Conclave 2014

Charles Adrien Louis is President of Avenir Climatique, a French association that raises young people’s awareness of climate change and energy topics through participative activities. The association measures carbon impact of human activities, finding unexpected subjects to draw their attention. For example, during the 2012 presidential election in France, Avenir Climatique calculated the consequences of each candidate’s campaign on global warming.

Through these activities, Charles-Adrien fights for a societal shift and wants to show that the young people are ready to act. He is very active in the WARN project (We Are Ready Now). For three years, he has also been an entrepreneur of change by founding B&L, a consulting company in sustainable development and carbon engineering. Charles-Adrien has made his everyday life a constant struggle for a better place and lives in a carbonfree perspective.