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Wen Fang

Wen Fang, artist – China

Member of Le Conclave 2014

Artist Wen Fang has brought about a reflection on major social and environmental issues. Internationally recognized, she is regularly exhibited in China, France, Korea, and Italy, in the most prestigious galleries.

A graduate of the University of Arts of Beijing and and the Ecole nationale supérieure Ens Louis Lumière, she places humans and nature at the heart of her creations. To her,“The person we can really save is ourselves”. Knowing this, she suggests that we should strive for change. Acting for women’s rights, illness, orphans, she also works on the environment.

She says about Rain, created from Beijing’s household waste:

“Economic development is a sound idea, but how much money does it take to be truly wealthy? I spent my childhood playing in the wilderness around here, while these kids are spending their childhood playing on the trash heaps. I really wish these kids could grow up in gardens, just as we promised. But what I really don’t know is, when we finally have enough money, whether or not the garden will be anything more than a bunch of sharp knives…”

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