10 solo exhibitions on environmental themes are highlighted, both in Parisian galleries and in regional art centers.
While we await our next issue in November with a detailed article on exhibitions in France, here are 10 solo exhibitions to discover this fall.

Anne-Charlotte Finel*, “Respiro”, CAP Saint-Fons, from September 29th to November 10th 2023

Anne-Charlotte Finel “Respiro” at CAP—Centre d'art de Saint-Fons, Lyon — Mousse Magazine and Publishing

 Anne-Charlotte Finel “Respiro” at CAP—Centre d’art de Saint-Fons, Lyon, 2023. Courtesy: the artist, LVMH Métiers d’art and galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris. © Blaise Adilon










Théo Massoulier*, “Job control“, Tator Gallery, Lyon, from September 15th to November 10th 2023

Karine Bonneval, “Berkanan”, Galerie du philosophe, Carla-Bayle, from September 16th to November 18th 2023

Marinette Cueco, “Herbiers”, UNIVER gallery, Paris, from September 14th 2023 to January 13th 2024

Ethan Murrow, “Magic Soil”, Les filles du calvaire Gallery, Paris, from October 12th  to November 25th 2023

Lionel Sabatté (read our interview), “CHRYSALIDES”, L’atelier blanc, Villefranche-de-Rouergue, from September 30th to December 10th 2023

Davide Balula, “Machine Water”, Musée de Rochechouart, from October 13th to December 15th 2023

Elise Guillaume, “ÉMOTIONS TERRANAISSANTES”, Espace croisé, contemporary art center, Roubaix, from October 6th to December 10th 2023

Lin May Saeed (read our interview), “Milo”, Galerie Art Concept, Paris, from October 14th to November 18th 2023

October 2023 – Galerie Art Concept

Installation view Lin May Saeed, Milo, 2023, Art : Concept, Paris Courtesy the Artist and Art : Concept, Paris. © Romain Darnaud









Louis Guillaume, “Les jardins statuaires”,
Art center Les 3Cha, Châteaugiron, from October 7
th to December 10th 2023

*Planète Art Solidaire Art Prize Laureates


Pauline Lisowski

Cover : Elise Guillaume records with an hydrophone the sounds of an iceberg melting © Tamara Šuša.

Impact Art News, Sep-Oct 2023 #45

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