Ruins of our planet : the last treasure to plunder

Mark Dion continues his exploration at the frontiers of science and art in a new exhibition presented at the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, from 4 April to 1 September 2019. This American artist, who has accustomed us to large installations combining art and the history of natural sciences, gives a bleak diagnosis, loud and [...]


“Nature in art”: 5 lessons in empathy

From unscrupulous domination to acknowledgement of a sensibility, relations between Humankind and Nature have not always been ruled by empathy. Awareness of the interdependency of all living things (apart from any form of anthropocentrism) has come a long way. Through five elements: beauty, ecology, confrontation, material, and symbol, and no less than 70 artists from [...]


Art and Sustainable Development Goals : the official union

The future has never been so uncertain. Who better than artists to try to see more clearly? This is what the exhibition Tomorrow is the Question is proposing at ARoS Contemporary Art Museum in Denmark from 6 April to 4 August 2019. This exhibition is the fruit of a curatorial collaboration between ARoS and Luise Faurschou, director [...]


Faster, higher, stronger? A review of competitiveness by Minerva Cuevas

The Mexican Minerva Cuevas takes up residence in Berlin within the walls of the Daad Galerie for her exhibition "No Room to Play", from 12 April to 9 June 2019. As an engaged artist, in her work Minerva Cuevas regularly denounces the neoliberal economy as a source of social inequality and cause of the ecological [...]


Interview with the artist Maarten Vanden Eynde

Art of change 21 - Your news?   Maarten Vanden Eynde - I have just finished a solo show in Meessen De Clercq gallery, Brussels, called Half Earth. It presents eight  new works dealing with nuclear culture, material scarcity, biodiversity, and the possible end of Homo Sapiens Sapiens!  I’m working on a long research project called [...]


Edward Burtynsky : anthropocene project

The term "Anthropocene" is now on everyone's lips. If a question of permanently marking our presence and superiority, it is done thing. Yet since we cannot possibly backtrack, what solutions remain? Photographer Edward Burtynsky, directors Nicholas de Pencier and Jennifer Baichwal have come together through the Anthropocene project to explore this question through films, documentaries, [...]

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