The Mexican Minerva Cuevas takes up residence in Berlin within the walls of the Daad Galerie for her exhibition “No Room to Play, from 12 April to 9 June 2019. As an engaged artist, in her work Minerva Cuevas regularly denounces the neoliberal economy as a source of social inequality and cause of the ecological crisis. These themes dear to the artist reoccur in this show through films, paintings, and installations at times in apocalyptic tones. Inspired by the history of playgrounds in Germany after the Second World War and adopting the motto of the Olympic Games Faster, higher, stronger, Minerva Cuevas reclaims the principles of play and competition specific to the sports field to question our society and the existing relationship (divisive?) between cooperation and competition to design a sustainable future.

Minerva Cuevas, “No room to play”, from 12 april to 9 june 2019

Alice Audouin 


Crédit : Minerva Cuevas, No room to play, 2019, Installation video, DAAD Galerie, ©Minerva Cuevas

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