Mark Dion continues his exploration at the frontiers of science and art in a new exhibition presented at the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, from 4 April to 1 September 2019. This American artist, who has accustomed us to large installations combining art and the history of natural sciences, gives a bleak diagnosis, loud and clear, with his exhibition title “Our Plundered Planet“. Through crucial questions such as: How did we reach this point? What future awaits us? What are our obligations towards other living beings? – questions usually reserved for Natural History Museums – this show, a first for the artist in an Irish art museum, addresses the tragic but not without humour. Mark Dion refuses to let nature become a simple victim, since its inventiveness and resilience have not had their last word and could well hold surprises!

Hugh Lane Gallery — Dublin, from 4 april to 1st september 2019

Alice Audouin et Lisa Toubas 


Crédit: Mark Dion, “The old Crow”, 2016, courtesy of the Hugh Lane Gallerie

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