Twenty exhibitions in France seek out a new equilibrium in the living world

The year 2022 promises to be an excellent year in France for art news relating to ecology and the environment, as highlighted in this first overview of the exhibitions over the coming months. Not just in Paris, but all around France, more than twenty exhibitions can attest to a less egocentric vision of humankind relative [...]


The Third Paradise by Michelangelo Pistoletto

Terzo Paradiso (Third Paradise) is a long-term artistic and philosophical project by the Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, famously a founding father of the Arte Povera movement. Launched in 2003 around a founding vision and represented by a symbol based upon the sign of mathematical infinity, the Third Paradise is called upon to take over from [...]

One SDG, one project|

After the galleries, it’s time for the artists!

Artists Commit is the new branch of Galleries Commit, the initiative launched in New York by galleries committed to the fight against global warming (less known in Europe than its English cousin, the Gallery Climate Coalition ). The artists commit to this cause in particular through the publishing of a “Climate Impact report” of their [...]


Conversation with Recycle Group (Andrey Blokhin + Georgy Kuznetsov)

The name of your duo, Recycle Group, refers to the environment. It is very pioneering, did you intend from the start to address environmental issues? Our name is that of our first exhibition, Recycle , in 2008 in Moscow. This idea of ​​recycling is constitutive of our approach. For us, it goes further than a [...]