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Edward Burtynsky : anthropocene project

The term "Anthropocene" is now on everyone's lips. If a question of permanently marking our presence and superiority, it is done thing. Yet since we cannot possibly backtrack, what solutions remain? Photographer Edward Burtynsky, directors Nicholas de Pencier and Jennifer Baichwal have come together through the Anthropocene project to explore this question through films, documentaries, [...]

One SDG, one project|

“Janet Laurence : After Nature” : the living lab

A major Australian contemporary artist, Janet Laurence devotes her work to exploring the turbulence and resilience of life in the Anthropocene. As a druidess exploring the mysteries of nature and an emergency doctor seeking to combat extinctions and collapses in today’s world, the artist manipulates plants and test tubes more than paint brushes. Her protean [...]


Forensic Architecture investigates two ecocides

Up to 22 September 2019, Ujazdowski Castle - Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland, is hosting in parallel two exhibitions on the Anthropocene – "Human-Free Earth" and "Centre for Contemporary Nature’" curated by Jaroslaw Lubiak and Michal Grzegorzek. Through works by the likes of Swiss video artist Ursula Biemann, "Human-Free Earth" illustrates how art [...]


“Desert: raising awareness “in the middle of nowhere”

For its 4th year, ‘DESERT X’, the ‘Desert Biennial’, brings together the best international artists in the Coachella Valley. DESERT X wants to be a place for people to meet and exchange, where art creates a new perspective on this valley and its social, economic and environmental challenges. The desert is an ideal meeting place for [...]


The end of the world, really?

Up to 30 November 2019, the Cisternerne Museum in Copenhagen is hosting SUPERFLEX and its personal exhibition ‘It Is Not The End Of The World’: an opportunity for the Danish collective to fly in the face of collapsology, which considers the ecological crisis as the final point for humanity. These artists, who consistently pay tribute [...]


The Earth – sliced, chopped of hacked?

Presented at the ShanghART Singapore Gallery up to 23 June 2019, the installation ‘Trying to Remember a Tree (iii) - The world will surely collapse’, by Robert Zhao Renhui, was triggered by a seemingly commonplace event: a tree collapsed near his home and was cut up by the authorities prior to removal. Exhibited on a [...]


Interview with the artist Marcus Coates

Art of change 21 - The name of your upcoming exhibition at MacGarry Gallery is ‘Near Life Experience’, what is it about?  Marcus Coates - For so many of us, particularly in urban areas, our contact with and awareness of non human animals is increasingly limited. It is this presence of the 'beyond human world' [...]


“The sound of the wind in the trees” by Chris Jordan

In the heart of central Europe in the land formerly known as Bohemia, lies a region of  iconically beautiful and fragile forest: the ancient Šumava (“The sound of wind in the trees”). The slender conifers that populate this region, in addition to being commercially harvested, are under massive assault by bark beetles, which invade and [...]

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Russia, new empire of the ecological awareness

Russia was not expected to be the most mobilized country on the environment. And yet, in 2019, the country will be the protagonist of a major exhibition at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, addressing the theme of the ecological crisis, by calling together visual arts, science, technology and activism. "The Coming Wolrd: [...]


Italy: design and “broken nature”

Milan will host next month the XXII edition of the "Triennale de Design" on the theme: "Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival". Behind the optimism of a resilient design capable of repairing environmental damage, is projected a tragic dimension, making the assumption of extinction of species, including human. The curator Paola Antonelli brings in [...]