Project Description


Frédéric Bardeau, entrepreneur – France

Member of Le Conclave 2014

Frederic Bardeau is co-founder of, a “solidarity factory” of programming where he combines social and digital innovation. Every 5 months, Simplon trains 24 underprivileged smart people (young people from the suburbs, handicapped people, seniors…) on web development, innovation, and helps them to build web start-ups for social well-being.

Along with this project, Frederic Bardeau develops a vision of social economy and digital democracy, and hopes to “link the digital, the power of code, politics and ethics”. Before Simplon, Frederic founded, along with Laurent Terrisse, a responsible communication agency “Limite”, considered today as a remarkable player in the field of communication in France. Former student of the prestigious military school Saint-Cyr, he is also the father of five children.