21 good news in 2021

Let’s start the year 2021 with 21 items of good news and let us voluntarily place ourselves under the sign of optimism, according to a famous quote by Antonio Gramsci: "We must combine the pessimism of reason with the optimism of will". The year 2020, so unprecedented, has led us to constantly adapt, develop and [...]


Interview of the artist Minerva Cuevas

Art of Change 21 - What is the purpose of your first solo exhibition ‘Disidencia’, which just opened at the Mishkin Gallery, at Baruch College in New York?   Minerva Cuevas - The show presents eight videos. Curated by Alaina Feldman, it is running at a time when the debate over ecological questions is intensifying [...]


Faster, higher, stronger? A review of competitiveness by Minerva Cuevas

The Mexican Minerva Cuevas takes up residence in Berlin within the walls of the Daad Galerie for her exhibition "No Room to Play", from 12 April to 9 June 2019. As an engaged artist, in her work Minerva Cuevas regularly denounces the neoliberal economy as a source of social inequality and cause of the ecological [...]