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Since its creation in 2014 just ahead of the COP21 in Paris, Art of Change 21 has played a key role during COP Climate, Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The association proudly organizes events under the COP banner.


From 1 to 12 November 2021, Art of Change 21 presented the programme ART-CLIMATE-COP26 in Glasgow, in partnership with acclaimed artists John Gerrrad and Lucy Orta, in collaboration with the Hunterian Art Gallery, the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow school of Art and supported by its main partner Schneider Electric Foundation.

Art of Change 21 highlighted the major role of artists in the ecological transition, mobilized the youth, and created a dialogue between art, technology, innovation and climate during COP26. Art of Change 21’s artistic program included: 

  • Two strong artistic actions by internationally renowned and ecologically-focused contemporary artists, John Gerrard and Lucy Orta, were at the heart of this program. 
    • On November 5 and 6, Irish artist John Gerrard exhibited the work Flare(Oceania), 2021 by the South facade of the University of Glasgow, in partnership with Art of Change 21. This monumental work, a digital simulation, was specially designed for COP26. The showing was complemented by a Round Table Discussion November 6th at the Hunterian Art Gallery.
    •  French-British artist Lucy Orta, of the internationally recognized duo Lucy + Jorge Orta and Chair of Art and the Environment at University of the Arts London, staged Nexus Architecture COP26. Fifty students from the Glasgow School of Arts customized the Nexus overalls created by the artist, followed by a performance in London with students of Chelsea College of Art and the University of Arts London. This “social sculpture” has already been activated worldwide from Shanghai, to New York, Berlin, Johannesburg…
  • The Paleo-Energetic Fresco, a project led by Atelier 21, explored inventions that offered ecological alternative modes for energy production and conservation for our future. This fresco, exhibited from the 1st to the 12th November at Saltspace Gallery in Glasgow, highlighted 100 inventions dating from 1000 BC to now.
  • Two panel discussions, organized and moderated by Art of Change 21 on November 5 and 6, created a dialogue between artists, environmentally-committed young people, climate scientists and innovators/entrepreneurs. These round tables took place at the French Pavilion and at the Hunterian Art Gallery, and gathered artists (John Gerrard, Lucy Orta…), activists (Uili Loisi, Nathan Méténier…), innovators (Cédric Carles) and the corporate world (Gilles Vermot Desroches).
  • Another successful Maskbook workshop took place on 1st November, at Barony Hall in Glasgow. Maskbook took up residence at COP26 in partnership with Strathclyde University and The Glasgow School of Art.  Art students and citizens of Glasgow created masks from waste materials and bring their voices to this participatory work. 

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The 25th edition of the COP Climate conference was held in Spain at the end of last year following its cancellation in Santiago, Chile, running from 2nd to 13th December in Madrid.

Long-prepared campaigns by Art of Change 21 with its Chilean partners the Mar Adentro Foundation and the Fab Lab Santiago went ahead in the Chilean capital as planned, despite the cancellation of COP Climate. A Global Forum took place concomitantly during the COP, featuring artist’s residencies followed by an exhibition, followed by creation and environmental awareness workshops.

In response to the change of venue for the COP, Art of Change 21 designed and organized within a very short time frame a specific campaign program in Madrid which included:

  • A half-day event concerning art, innovation and climate change: Más grados ° más arte? was held at the renowned CaixaForum in Madrid, a cultural center of the city known for its famous green wall, hosting an international conference and a Maskbook workshop.
  • An additional Maskbook Workshop, in partnership with INLAND.

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On the occasion of the 24th annual UN Climate Change Conference (COP24) in Katowice, Poland from December 2-14, 2018, Art of Change 21 presented a program of events, exhibitions, meetings and workshops, at the intersection of art and major environmental issues, with the support of the Schneider Electric Foundation and the UN Environment Program. Among the highlights of the Art of Change 21 program, organized in collaboration with the three main cultural organizations of the city (the Muzeum Śląskie, the Katowice City of Gardens and the Academy of Fine Arts), are the intervention of contemporary artist John Gerrard, and the Giant Maskbook workshop, which brings together inhabitants of Katowice and participants of the COP24. In the program:

  • 4 Maskbook workshops before and after the COP with the citizens of Katowice and artists from Academy of Fine Arts
  • 5 Maskbook exhibitions in the city, from the KATO Cultural Cafe to the University of Silesia
  • 1 Panel Discussion Creative People Facing Global Challenges with the artists Lise Autogena, John Gerrard, Jeremy Gobé and the architect Marcin Szczelina.

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Creative Klima is an innovative program focused on climate, created specifically for the COP23 held in Bonn, Germany, from November 6-17, 2017. Creative Klima offers exhibitions, conferences, workshops, debates, award ceremonies, musical programming and numerous festivities just a few hundred meters from the international conference center, on the MS Beethoven Township boat on the banks of the Rhine and at the Institut français Bonn. Creative Klima brings together major players, both French and international, from the fields of social entrepreneurship, energy, culture and climate: the Association Art of Change 21, the international NGO Ashoka, the Institut français Bonn, Atelier 21 with its initiatives Paléo-Energétique and Solar Sound System, the International Weather and Climate Forum, as well as the main partner of this program: the Schneider Electric Foundation.

Creative Klima will create a unique dynamic that favors a multidisciplinary approach to the climate issue, bridging the fields of social entrepreneurship, creation and industry. The program thus includes: a conference and exhibition of the paleo-energetic timeline that proposes a chronological journey into the history of energy innovations, musical programming by the Solar Sound System, a workshop and an award ceremony for the European Prize ‘‘Social Innovation to Tackle Fuel Poverty’’ with Ashoka, a conference by Schneider Electric Foundation with French climatologist Jean Jouzel and Gilles Vermot-Desroches, Director of Sustainable Development, and a mask-creation workshop on the topic of the air pollution and the climate, with Maskbook by Art of Change 21…
The Maskbook activities by Art of Change 21 and the Solar Sound System are labeled Art4Climat by the UNFCCC & Julie’s Bicycle.

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For the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22), the UN Climate Change Conference, held in Marrakesh, Art of Change 21 organized BALAD_E, a far-reaching and culturally rich event.
From November 7th to the 18th, Art of Change 21 invited the public to workshops, round-table discussions, exhibitions, artistic performances, and extraordinary gatherings around art, innovation and sustainable development.
The events took place in different emblematic locations in Marrakesh, from the Riad Yima, home and gallery of the renowned Moroccan artist and « upcycler » Hassan Hajjaj, to the Green Zone (civil society area of the COP22), to the cultural hotspot Cafe Clock.
Art of Change 21 also proposed PIKALA BALAD_E, themed bike circuits that also served as a sustainable city guide to Marrakesh, produced in collaboration with Pikala Bikes and the CMEM.
Among the speakers: researchers Jean Jouzel and Jean-Michel Valantin, social entrepreneurs Tristan Lecomte, Adnane Addioui, Arnaud Mourot and Mamoun Ghallab, artists David Buckland et Hassan Hajjaj, women leaders in the field of ecological transition such as Myriam Maestroni, Fettouma Djerrari, Nathalie Bastianelli, and Helena Molin Valdes, stylist Amine Bendriouich, architect Manal Rachdi, and many more.
Finally, Art of Change 21 launched its Arabic language version of the Caire Game website.
BALAD_E was supported by our partners, the Schneider Electric Foundation and the United Nations Environment Program. It was labeled COP22 event and a COP22 project and was organized in partnership with Hassan Hajjaj, Riad Yima, CMEM, Intour Marrakech, Pikala Bikes,4D, Paléo-Energétique, Yes We Green, EME, and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

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At the COP21 held in 2015 in Paris, Art of Change 21 organized an exhibition at the Grand-Palais, an artistic performance at Le Bourget (the venue of the COP21) and an outdoor exhibition in Beijing (China).