Project Description

Emmanuelle Paillat

16 years of experience in sustainability
Expert and pioneer in carbon calculation, founder of Mutans

At Nature et Découvertes, she was the first employee in France to be hired to create a company’s CO2 accounting system. At Carbone 4, founded by Jean-Marc Jancovici, she created the Eco2climat indicator, which tracks the carbon footprint of the French population, and led carbon strategies for TF1.
– She was behind Hachette‘s CO2 label on every book cover.
– Created Parfums Christian Dior‘s carbon roadmap (with GHG balance sheet for 2019/2021).
– Trusted third party for the LVMH group on carbon issues, supporting the Media team for 1 year on creating a carbon calculator for advertising campaigns and digital actions.
– Through her company Mutans, Emmanuelle Paillat supports companies in setting up a system to manage their carbon trajectory autonomously.
– Committed to the ecological transition of the art sector, Emmanuelle Paillat is currently the mission director for creating a carbon reference framework for the 10 national higher education institutes for design & visual arts and leads thematic working groups on reducing the carbon footprint of the 10 schools.
– Committed to the Art of Change 21 association: Realized the Carbon assessment for Julian Charrière’s exhibition at COP28; member of the selection committee for the Prix Art Eco-Conception 2024; coach of the 12 winners and development of a carbon calculator for artworks dedicated to contemporary artists.


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