Project Description

Faustine Dehan

Mission head in eco-design and contemporary art

Trained in communication and cultural mediation, Faustine has carried out a variety of roles within cultural, scientific and environmental structures. Notably, she was in charge of PR at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (the National Museum of Natural History), the cultural programmer of the GoodPlanet Foundation and was involved with the production of exhibitions within  the Institut des Cultures d’Islam (the Institute of Islamic Cultures).

Her career, both personally and professionally, has been built on an ever-increasing desire to create bridges between art, culture, sustainable development and society.

On the strength of these experiences, and convinced of the importance of linking the environmental emergency to artistic practices, she joined Art of Change 21 in June 2020 as a mission head in eco-design and contemporary art.

Sensitive, curious and passionate, she constantly draws upon scientific work on environmental issues and innovative initiatives on ecology and the circular economy, even if she believes that nothing is more important today than to collectively take action!