Project Description

Fanny Legros

Mission head in eco-design and contemporary art

Born in Reims in 1986, Fanny Legros cultivated her taste for all art forms from an early age. She first worked in a material store dedicated to photography, and developed personal photographic work focused on the agricultural world and the excesses of the intensive production system. Very committed to ecology and the fight against pesticides, she is involved in several projects and associations including Generation Future.

Her work Des-Humains was exhibited several times in Paris and Shanghai in September 2016.

In 2015, she commenced a master’s degree in contemporary art, which led her to put herself at the service of artists by joining the Galerie Jérôme Poggi in Paris. She worked there for five years, during which time she promoted the work of French and international artists of the gallery, participating in numerous fairs, trips and exhibitions inside or outside the walls. This gallery experience reinforces her ecological convictions. For her, the ecological transition must also take place in the cultural sector. This is why in 2020 she has made a double change in her life: associative, by joining the Art of Change 21 association on eco-design matters, and entrepreneurial, with the creation of Autrement-art, an eco-design and production office specializing in supporting contemporary art players.