At Taipei Fine Arts MuseumsWu Chuan-Lun‘s No Country for Canine exhibition is entirely dedicated to German Shepherds – a dog breed doubly present in Taiwanese and German history, the artist’s two geographic touchpointst. The German Shepherd, introduced to Taiwan by Japanese settlers, was for a long time a symbol of the country’s elite. Wu Chuan-Lun uses porcelain, photography and drawing to explore this animal, which has become an emblem of nationalism and authority as well as a popular mass produced figure (piggy banks, figurines, etc.). The German Shepherd embodies the history of human dominance over animals, a relationship now being reassessed in the current ecological times.

Work of art: Slacks Special, NO IRONING CHINA, NO IRONING ROC © Wu Chuan Lun

Until 3 November, 2019 – Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

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