The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is hosting Otobong Nkanga up to 23 February 2020 with her solo exhibition Acts at the Crossroads. Otobong Nkanga stands at the crossroads of science, art, ecology, and anthropology. Revealing systemic fields, Nkanga describes Earth as an extension of the physical human body, and so through analogy leads the public to greater environmental awareness.
The artist reintroduces the importance of language and communication with what surrounds us, but almost importantly with ourselves, making art, poetry, and spirituality points of access to a future more just, sustainable, and supportive. Otobong Nkanga brings abundance and sharing to a deficient and divided Earth that is nothing more than the reflection and consequence of our soul isolated by predation.

Photo © Philippe Migeat – Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI /Dist. RMN-GP © Otobong Nkanga

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