What is news with you?
I am observing the fast falling avalanche of disasters being actioned by man upon the planet on top of accelerating climate change. This creates a sense of urgency and I see vividly the importance of acting through my art. I am working with a regeneration farmer in a project call “Earth Canvas” (https://earthcanvas.com.au) which is very interesting and wonderful being involved in this movement that is leading to an agricultural revolution in Australia, a country that was colonised in a most harmful way to its indigenous people and its land. Now this very land in need of healing and regenerating to grow our food and enable animals to thrive in a totally new way which also listens to the ancient indigenous culture of Australia. Very special as an artist to work with this active healing work.

How did you come up with the thematic of ecological issues?
For as long as I could remember I was aware of our inter connection with the elemental aspects of nature from the sharing of air « Our breathing in and out the world ». Whilst being very interested in observing intimacy in nature. I wanted to create an expression of fusion with the environment, a biophilic language that enables a slow immersed engagement from viewers. This of course is ecology in action leading me to research more and base the work in science and wonder.

What’s your next projects?
I have a solo exhibition In the Yi Hsui Museum of Art in Taiwan titled « The Entangled Garden of Plant Memory ». Also, a group show  “Courants Verts” in Paris curated by Paul Ardenne in Espace Fondation EDF in March 2020 and an exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia exhibition called « Know my Name » in May 2020.
Janet Laurence in her Sydney studio

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