The rapid rate of insect decline is alerting us to the state of health of our planet. It also offers contemporary art an opportunity to bring a new perspective on these miniature creatures and finally defuse the fear and dislike they arouse. The climate emergency is already reversing the image of insects in our collective psyche, making them a symbol of fragile ecosystems and our neglected ecological conscience. Could this oversight cost us dearly? At the Sinclair-Haus Museum in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, near Frankfurt, Germany, which specialises in the connections between art and nature, the exhibition Beating Wings brings together a series of contemporary artists focused on insects. Through their work they explore the changes in their relationship with humans, taking note of Einstein’s predictions. Nature and strangeness are at the heart of this show, where sculptures, drawings, photos, films, and installations invite visitors to rediscover the wonderful microcosm right under our feet.

Alice Audouin 


Exhibition “Beating Wings”, Sinclair-Haus Museum, from 7 July to 13 October 2019

Crédit: Akihiro Higuchi, Hana (H0118), 2018, courtesy of Musée Sinclair-Haus

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