Showing in London at Annely Juda Fine Art until 20 December 20, the exhibition Destruction / Reconstruction unveils to the public the latest creations by the Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata, made from recycled wood and a cross between art and architecture. Left behind by the emergence and development of concrete, wood was nevertheless the first material used for the structures that formed the basis of our civilizations. In the hands of the artist, this salvaged wood is given a second life. It reminds us of the great fragility of the structures – be they architectural, economic,  or social – we depend on. Birds nests and small households, however, offer a glimmer of hope, reminding us how nature can reinvent itself and of the limitless possibilities for reconstruction, for those who know how to handle the tools at their disposal.

Photo © GalleriesNow

Also exhibited at the Kamel Mennour Gallery

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