Up to 22 September 2019, Ujazdowski Castle – Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland, is hosting in parallel two exhibitions on the Anthropocene – “Human-Free Earth” and “Centre for Contemporary Nature’” curated by Jaroslaw Lubiak and Michal Grzegorzek.
Through works by the likes of Swiss video artist Ursula Biemann, “Human-Free Earth” illustrates how art seizes upon man’s loss of control of his environment and assumes puts forward the hypothesis that assumes humankind will vanish off the face of the earth.
The second part, “Centre for Contemporary Nature”, is a special order for the Forensic Architecture investigative collective. Directed by the extremely astute Eyal Weizman, the collective will bring all its analytical powers into play to report on two cases of deliberate and premeditated ecocide.

Plasticity of the Planet runs from 15 March to 22 September 2019, U-jazdowski, Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw

Alice Audouin and Lisa Toubas 


March 2019

Crédit : Installation view of “Human-Free Earth” exhibition, photo: Bartosz Górka

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