Art of Change 21 – What is news with you?
Janet Laurence – I am observing the fast falling avalanche of disasters being actioned by man upon the planet on top of accelerating climate change. This creates a sense of urgency and I see vividly the importance of acting through my art. I am working with a regeneration farmer in a project call “Earth Canvas” which is very interesting and wonderful being involved in this movement that is leading to an agricultural revolution in Australia, a country that was colonised in a most harmful way to its indigenous people and its land. Now this very land in need of healing and regenerating to grow our food and enable animals to thrive in a totally new way which also listens to the ancient indigenous culture of Australia. Very special as an artist to work with this active healing work.

AOC21 – How did you come up with the thematic of ecological issues?
J.L. – For as long as I could remember I was aware of our inter connection with the elemental aspects of nature from the sharing of air « Our breathing in and out the world ». Whilst being very interested in observing intimacy in nature. I wanted to create an expression of fusion with the environment, a biophilic language that enables a slow immersed engagement from viewers. This of course is ecology in action leading me to research more and base the work in science and wonder.

AOC21 – What’s your next projects?
J.L. – I have a solo exhibition in the Yi Hsui Museum of Art in Taiwan titled « The Entangled Garden of Plant Memory ». Also, a group show  “Courants Verts” in Paris curated by Paul Ardenne in Espace Fondation EDF in March 2020 and an exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia exhibition called « Know my Name » in May 2020.

Janet Laurence in her Sydney studio.

More information about Janet Laurence, here

Interview conducted by Alice Audouin.

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