Mask Crusaders is an efficient and generous project co-created by Camille Henrot, Shabd Simon-Alexander, Julia Weist and JoJo Li along with other artists and medical professionals. Its objective is to provide frontline workers (as caregivers) with protective gear as quickly as possible. The appeal is clear and simple: ‘Artists, institutions, workshops, and operatives – your extra masks, gloves and other protective equipment could save lives!’ Frontline staff are in direct contact with the donors, without any third parties involved. Artist Tom Beale was one of the first artists to respond and donate his masks. The Whitney Museum soon followed suit. Within the first 24 hours after its launch in New York City, 3,000 items were delivered to the frontline and a further 20,000 were available for pick-up. After one week, the figure tripled to 60,000. The project is now mushrooming in 20 other cities. Camille Henrot created all of the campaign’s illustrations, following her new major series of drawings on ecological issues. 

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