Since 2015, the Chinese artist Wen Fang and the association Art of Change 21* have been mobilizing the creativity of artists and citizens on the link between health and the environment, with the Maskbook project which they co-created together and which uses the protective mask as its symbol. The project has already mobilized thousands of citizens from more than 30 countries, as well as many artists, architects such as Tadao Ando. For Covid-19, Wen Fang founded the Windowfish Artist collective and in February launched a Maskbook campaign in China on social networks, mobilizing a large number of participants, artists, creatives and ordinary citizens. With the West in turn affected and confined, Art of Change 21, Wen Fang and his collective are now launching an appeal to artists and citizens outside China, in order to bring a collective and creative voice on this pandemic and collect many Covid-19 special masked portraits before the confinement ends, with the aim of exhibiting them thereafter.

*Editor of Impact Art News

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