The Chinese contemporary artist Ren Ri bases his work on research. One living material in particular – bees – has captured his attention for some years now. 
Bees use wax for various construction tasks in the hive, for instance, to repair and seal nests after larvae bees have hatched. The works by Ren Ri are created by the bees themselves with their wax, which means the artist loses all control of the artwork. Ren Ri combines his approach with a scientific exploration of how bees function and the role they play in preserving the environment. As well as working with these particular insects to create his artworks, the artist focuses on the use of scientific methods for observing and studying them. Currently in residence at the MIT Media Lab, he is researching the energy flow of bee colonies in order to study the eusocial characteristics of bees, so as to better protect and support them. Watch this space…

Ren Ri, Yuansu II. Photo: Alessando De Toni, via Cool Hunting.

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