A new solo exhibition by Paolo Cirio Systems of Systems – is running up to 26 July 2019 at Gallery Giorgio Persano, in Turin. It seeks to use art to analyse information technologies, interpret their power, and expose the vulnerability of our societies governed by algorithms and networks. Cirio draws from the information theories in the first works of conceptual art. He revives them in our era of algorithms, big data, user interfaces, and mobile phones – new means of control employed by today’s increasingly centralised political and financial powers. The artist addresses aesthetic, political, and philosophical aspects, as well as environmental dimensions (bitcoin consumes as much energy as Hungary!), in order to update awareness and caution among visitors. After the exhibition would be a good time to embark on an IT detox!

Exhibition Systems of Systems, from 24 May to 26 July 2019, Gallery Giorgio Persano

Alice Audouin and Lisa Toubas

Crédit: Paolo Cirio, “Open Society Structures”, 2009, by the Gallery Giorgio Persano

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