Russia was not expected to be the most mobilized country on the environment. And yet, in 2019, the country will be the protagonist of a major exhibition at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, addressing the theme of the ecological crisis, by calling together visual arts, science, technology and activism. “The Coming Wolrd: Ecology and the New Politics 2030-2100” will bring us in a not too distant future … in which the resources will be depleted, without human having managed to colonize other planets. The exhibition, curated by Snejana Krasteva and Ekaterina Lazareva, plunges us into a trapped and helpless humanity and becomes the spokesperson for some fifty visionary artists (including John Akomfrah, Studio Drift and Huang Yong Ping), using of their art to represent the ongoing collapse.

The Coming Wolrd: Ecologyand the New Politics 2030-2100“, from June 28 to December 01 2019, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Alice Audouin ans Marguerite Courtel 


February 2019

Crédit: John Akomfrah, Still from Purple 2017, from the Garage Museum

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