As part of the Némo Biennial of Digital Arts, up to 26 January 2020 the CENTQUATRE-PARIS is hosting the exhibition Jusqu’ici tout va bien ? (So far, so good?) Its commissioners Gilles Alvarez and José-Manuel Gonçalvès invite visitors to take leap back in time: what if robots and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) designed by humans were to survive the extinction of the human race, caused by the ecological crisis? This original challenge, part of wider thinking on contemporary archeology, is met forcefully by young artists to transform the hypothesis into prophecy. Don’t miss Fabien Léaustic, Timothée Chalazonitis, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Paul Duncombe, or Momoko Seto.

Fabien Léaustic, La Terre est-elle ronde?, 2019 © Juan Cruz Ibanez

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