With its new exhibition The Penumbral Age, Art in the Time of Planetary Change, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw explores fifty years of creativity during the “shadow age”, our current-day era marked by the advancing ecological crisis. What solutions to the irreversible? Can new forms of empathy emerge from chaos? Renowned figures in the fields of ecological art and land art, like Agnes Denes and Amish Fulton, plus a young generation with shamanic talents, like Magdalena Starska, Jonathas de Andrade and Suzanne Husky, have responded by crossing disciplines: art, science, sociology…. Their answer creates a space for diversity: a safe bet given that diversity is a source of resilience.

Li Jixiang, “Cleaning the River”, 1996/2020 – Courtesy of the artist, Betsy Damon and Asia Art Archive

From 20 March to 7 June 2020

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