Founded in 2011 by Gianluca D’incà Levis, the living art laboratory of the Dolomiti Contemporanee landscape – located in the Dolomites region in Veneto – aims to regenerate the heritage of the Italian mountains. This organization develops a program combining art, culture and research, as well as cultural resilience. Its projects focus on healing natural sites that have suffered disasters due to climatic upheavals, as well as natural and human disasters. In 2012, Dolomiti Contemporanee opened a space near the dike, the Nuovo Spazio di Casso, a center for contemporary mountain culture, place of the Two Calls for Vajont competition. Artists were invited to submit work for the south facade of the building, as well as a permanent work on the Vajont dike, which was the site of a tragedy in 1963.

Exhibitions have been organized since 2013 in abandoned sites in different villages in the heart of the Dolomites National Park.

Since 2014, Dolomiti Contemporanee has been working on the re-conversion of the site of the village Eni di Borca di Cadore, Progetto Borca. Artists such as Andrea Bonetti, Anna Poletti, Andreas Zampella… have the possibility to be present under artistic residencies. Performances, meetings and projects carried out by architecture students are also organized in this immense site in the heart of the mountains in a village close to the one Titian originated from.

This living art laboratory brings the Dolomites back to life and reinvigorates the mountain range: a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular hiking area, it attracts geologists and tourists with its grandiose landscapes, many of whom are also overwhelmed by the climatic and human activity. Artists and architects create in the remotest of places in the heart of its all-powerful wild nature. The long-term projects of Dolomiti Contemporanee recast the mountain as an ambivalent landscape, and they look to revitalize villages deserted or weakened by natural disasters.

Dolomiti Contemporanee is currently on the program of the Venice Architecture Biennale, in Comunità Resilienti, the Italian pavilion. Twenty-three documentary videos of Dolomiti Contemporanee projects and works of artists can be discovered there. Texts and graphic works by Stefano Cagol, Irene Coppola, Andrea Grotto, Mario Tomè are among them.

Pauline Lisowski

May 2021

Credits : Dentro a Vaia, la Centrale Sicet di Ospitale di Cadore (BL), foto di Filippo Romano


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