Created in 2010, the Biennial of Kochi-Muziris (main city of Kerala, India) has constantly reflected the will of its habitants to build the foundations of a new society that wants to be more free, inclusive and democratic. This event presents itself as a major project where artistic creation proposes to reinvent the world in which we live, in order to make it more egalitarian and ecological. The prerequisite for this future stage of emancipation is the awareness of our own alienation as society or individual. Artists such as Shubigi Rao (working on the destruction of books), Martha Rosler (questioning the notion of consumer comfort) and Arunkumar HG (describing the complex relationship between environmental issues and the way of life and industrial thought) use their art to try to understand what governs us. For this fourth edition, the curator Anita Dube advocates a renewal of our relationship between humans. Eluding hyper-connectivity for a return to a fantasized primitivism …

Possibilities for a no-alienated life”, from December 12, 2018, to March 29, 2019, Biennale of Kochi-Muziris, India

Alice Audouin ans Marguerite Courtel 


February 2019

Crédit: « Angels form the sky », Heri Dono, 2018, Installation view, couresty of Kochi-Muziris Biennale

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