Brussels, Luxembourg and Paris convoke at the beginning of the year three exhibitions questioning our relationship with nature and species. Maarten Vanden Eynde, as part of her exhibition Half Earth at the Meessen De Clercq Gallery (Brussels), pragmatically orchestrates a new organization of our planet inspired by biologist E.O Wilson dividing humans on one side and animals on the other, in order to preserve the two.
Maubert Gallery in Paris welcomes Nicolas Floc’h and his Reefs, presenting for the first time sculptures and photographs related to the artist’s researchs on the oceans over the last ten years. The brittany navigator and artist with many scientific connexions, built a work where marine biodiversity regenerate and thus extra-marine life to maintain itself.
Finally, Lionel Sabatté, presented at the Ceysson & Bénétière Gallery in Luxembourg, takes a poetic look at a nature in the time of the Anthropocene, through petrified bronze birds and chimeric creatures from oily landscapes. Using waste in his work, such as the dead skins and nails or dust from the subway, this prolific and singular artist challenges the finiteness while raising the material as a bulwark.

Half Earth”, Maarteen Vanden Eynde, from february 22 to march 30, 2019, Meessen De Clercq Gallery, Brussels

Récifs”, Nicolas Floc’h, from ferbruary 14 to march 30, 2019, Maubert Gallery, Paris 

Morphèmes”, Lionel Sabatté, from february 23 to april 27, 2019, Ceysson & Bénétière Gallery, Koerich

Alice Audouin and Marguerite Courtel 


February 2019

Crédit : “Half Earth”, Maarten Vanden Eynde, exhibition view, Galerie Meessen De Clercq, 2019, photo: Eric Mabille – Bombartistic 

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