Impact Art News offers a special issue on young artists involved in the environment, living in France. It celebrates an emerging wave of hundreds of artists, bearers of new relationships and visions of art, life, and living together.

Our editorial team at Art of Change 21 took the opportunity to share a unique point of view, thanks to our involvement in Planète Art Solidaire, a support action of the Art of Change 21 association, sponsored by Maison Ruinart. This support, awarded on June 22, was aimed at contemporary artists (visual artists) over 18 and under 40, non-students and living in France, for whom the environment is an important, if not the main theme of their work. Our editorial team took part in preseslecting 58 candidates from among 257 applications received, as well as the jury which chose 21 winners, itself chaired by our editor-in-chief and founder of the association Alice Audouin. Studying the 257 applications received and interviewing the 21 winners of this action thus strengthened our already extensive knowledge of the creation underway. Thanks to this new perspective, we can assert the existence today of a new generation of artists in France, who are wide-ranging, forceful, and visionary, and identify four major trends within this young, engaged scene.

Discover the 21 winning artists and trends identified:
New druids link
Scientific auxiliaries link
Anthropologists of the common good link
Anthropocene composters link

Alice Audouin

June 2021


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